Publication options  (Free)

Publication options in ISI / SCOPUS Indexed Journals  (additional Article Processing Charges)

  • International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy (SCOPUS Q2)

  • International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (SCOPUS)

  • International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE) (SCOPUS, ESCI)
  • International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management (SCOPUS)
  • Advances in Business Related Scientific Research Journal (SCOPUS)
  • Society and Economy (SCOPUS)

Free Publication options in International Refereed journal

  • Journal of Economic Info
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurial Research
  • Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight
  • Journal of Research in Psychology
  • Journal of Marketing and Information Systems
  • Open Journal of Science and Technology
  • Pak-Euro Journal of Medical and Life Sciences
  • Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal
  • Journal of Social transformation and Education 

Publication options

1. All participants will be offered to submit their extended abstract (1500 Words only) for publication in Proceedings with Doi numbers, indexed in google scholar, BASE and Cross Ref,  in addition to their full paper publication. (Free)

2. Accepted abstracts will be offered for submission in Indexed journals after reviewing the quality and scope of the paper. Additional Article Processing Charges will be applicable for publication in SCOPUS / ISI journals (Publication Fee applicable)

3. All papers are eligible to publish in International Refereed Journals without any additional fee. (Free)

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