7th ASIA

International Conference 2021

17-19 December 2021

A post COVID pathway to resilience, digitalization and sustainability

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Management | Economics | Information Technology | Education



Prof. Dr. Wim Vanhaverbeke

Wim Vanhaverbeke is a Professor of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Surrey Business School (UK) and is visiting professor at ESADE Business School and till recently also at the National University of Singapore. He is also Chief Editor of Technovation Journal.

Prof. Dr. Ozcan Saritas

Ozcan Saritas is a Professor and Laboratory Head Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge / International Research and Educational Foresight Centre / Laboratory for Science and Technology Studie at HSE University Moscow, Russia. He is also Editor in chief of Foresight

Distinguished Prof. Dato Rajah Rasiah

Dato’ Rajah Rasiah holds the position of Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Malaya. His previous positions were Professor of Industrial Organization at National University of Malaysia, and senior research fellow at UNU-INTECH, Maastricht. 

Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi

Muhammad Imran Qureshi is the founding director of CONNECTING ASIA and conference chair for AIC 2021. He is Editor of the Journal of Management Info

Online Presentation

Conferences are meant to share knowledge and new discoveries around the globe. AIC 2021 provides an opportunity for researchers to share their research with other researchers in parallel sessions as conventional conferences in zoom meeting sessions during the conference. All sessions will be chaired by experienced researchers. 

Poster Presentations Competition

AIC 2021 allows presenting your research in poster format.  Presenters can prepare posters or infographics as per provided description. The winner of the poster presentation will receive a RM 1000 / USD 250 cash prize along with a certificate of award. Details can be found on the instructions page.

5 Slides 5 Minutes Video Competition 

In the 5S5M competition presenters are allowed to present their research in 5 minutes in a simple way that can attract an audience. The winner of the poster presentation will receive a RM 1000 / USD 250 cash prize along with a certificate of award. Details can be found on the instructions page. 

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CONNECTING ASIA is a Research Network intended to create a symbiotic partnership between academia and industry to provide sustainable solutions for social and industrial issues.


CONNECTING ASIA aims to be a premier research and development organization in the Asian region, creating inter-organizational alliances targeted at developing and enhancing institutional and human resources capacities, providing quality services, and contributing to the emergence of a knowledge society on a sustainable basis.


Our mission is to establish and nurture alliances among prime institutions in academia, industry, government and society to foster impactful knowledge transfer and human capital development.


We believe in four core values: Ethics, Trust, Development and Contribution.

14 International Conferences

CONNECTING ASIA has successfully hosted 14 International conferences with more than 6000 presenters in past eight years.

5500+ Publications in Indexed Journals

We have published more than 5500 Research articeles in reputed journals and confernece proceedings.

Growing Research Network

CONNECTING ASIA is a research network with enormous growth potential. We have more than 10,000 members and 12,000 social media followers from 42 countries.

Social Responsibility

CONNECTING ASIA is a true reflection of a social organization aimed to provide support to higher education.  To date, we have funded fully / partially 44 Ph.D. scholars.

AIC 2021

Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to extend an invitation to all of the world’s great scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates, and students. It is both an honour and a pleasure for me to provide a platform to a multidisciplinary group of scientists and researchers from around the world where they can share and discuss ground-breaking ideas in the fields of science, technology, engineering, education, and management sciences.

Today the technology is rapidly evolving. The exchange of expertise has further stimulated exponential growth in the field of technology at this era of globalisation. Such phenomenal progress has revolutionised almost all areas of human life today. Therefore Connecting ASIA give researchers, academics, industry experts from various disciplines an excellent opportunity to showcase their work and share their expertise, technical knowledge, challenges and solutions.

Connecting ASIA is a global research network that brings together over 10,000 researchers from 42 countries. We aim to provide researchers with opportunities for learning and networking, while also contributing to the researcher community in a variety of ways. Since 2014, Connecting ASIA has provided full or partial funding to 42 PhD scholars, as well as research grants to over 200 research scholars to present their work at Connecting ASIA conferences and opportunities to publish their work in SCOPUS / ISI indexed journals. More than 7000 researchers have presented their work at Connecting ASIA conferences, and more than 5000 research articles have been published in SCOPUS/ISI indexed journals. With all of these contributions, Connecting ASIA anticipates continued growth in the future. We appreciate your support and contribution to this research network’s strengthening. We hope that as time passes, this bond will grow stronger.

Conference Tracks

Advances in Managing Operations and Sustainability (AMOS 2021)

Sustainability and management in operations is an increasingly burning issue with global magnitude, and therefore in recent years, managing operations and Sustainability have received significant attention from all respective stakeholders, researchers, practitioners, consumers, and professionals. It includes areas like Total Quality Management (TQM), Project and Operations, Green supply chain, Green procurement, Logistics and Sustainable Operations, Corporate roles of Sustainability, Sustainability ethical practices, Supply chain management in Global economies, Sustainability, and Climate change, Materials recovery, Shaping the Future of resources, energy and sustainability, Sustainable Operations.

Emerging Issues in Economics and Finance (EIEF 2021)

In a nutshell, the conference would focus and extend our understanding on critical and emerging issues in managing complex economic and financial issues such as areas like microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, business economics, industrial economics, development economics, behavioral finance, public finance, public policy, corporate finance and international finance to bring economic and financial prosperity around the world.

Future of Marketing and Management (FMM 2021)

The Future of Marketing and Management (FMM) aims to provide a scholarly forum to researchers from all over the world to present and share their research work on Future of Marketing and Management. A broader viewpoint is needed to look into the future wave of marketing and management and related areas like strategic management, marketing management, consumer behavior, human resource management, organizational design, organizational behavior, leadership, entrepreneurship,  interdisciplinary research in management, marketing,   sociology, and psychology.

Global Developments in Humanities, Education and Civilization (GDHEC 2021)

Global Developments in Humanities, Education and Civilization (GDHEC 2020) includes globalization, transnational cultures, psychological education, higher education, curriculum development, educational research, physical education, educational innovation, Islamic studies, Islamic education, Islamic civilization and contemporary issues, ASEAN civilization and community development.


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