5th ASIA

International Multidisciplinary Conference 2021

9-10 April 2021

Online Presentations only

Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) | Life Sciences (LS) | Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)| Economics, Business And Management (EBM)

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Dr. Marko Sarstedt

Chair of Marketing, Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany

Workshop Title: Advance Issues in PLS SEM

Date Time: 2020-12-18   15:00

Prof. Dr. Ilhan ÖZTÜRK

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Çağ Uni, Turkey

Workshop Title: How to publish in impact factor journals

Date Time: 2020-12-17 – 15:00

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz

Professor of Economics (Energy), Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Workshop title: How to Bright your Career in Busines, Economics and Finance: Learnings from Professor Muhammad’s Experience

Date Time: 2020-12-17 – 15:00

Prof. Dato Dr. Rajah Rasiah

Professor of Economics, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Workshop Title: Understanding Basic Econometric analysis

Date Time: 2020-12-17 – 09:00

Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi

Director Connecting ASIA/ Conference Chair, Malaysia

Workshop Title: Advance issues in writing Systematic Literature Review

Date Time: 2020-12-20 – 15:00

Prof. Jiří Jaromír KLEMEŠ

Brno University of Technology – VUT Brno, Czech Republic

Workshop Title: Publishing in High Impact Journals

Date Time: 2020-12-12 – 15:00 HRS

6th ASIA

International Conference 2020

18-20 December 2020

Online Presentations only

Management | Economics | Information Technology | Education

Connecting ASIA Research Network

Fostering Knowledge Transfer

Connecting ACADEMIA SOCIETY & INDUSTRY ALLIANCE (Connecting ASIA) is a Research Network intended to create a symbiotic partnership between academia and industry to provide sustainable solutions for social and industrial issues.


Connecting ASIA aims to be a premier research network of the region that enables alliances to enhance capacity development and provide quality services to establish a sustainable society.


Our mission is to establish alliances among the prime institutions, academia, society and industry. Our research network  aims to  enhance capacity development and foster knowledge transfer  to create a knowledgeable society.

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