ASIA International Innovation Exhibition (AIINEx) 2020

Partnership As Co- Organizer


It is our pleasure to write this letter on behalf of organizing committee of ASIA International Innovation Exhibition 2020 (AIINEX 2020) organized by Connecting ASIA and co-organized by The Association of Professional Researchers and Academicians (APRA) and Readers Insight Publisher.

  1. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about our upcoming conference, AIINEX 2020, which will be held on 18-20 September 2020via online platform.  The innovation competition invites participants from all over the world for Online Projects Presentations (via Video Conference), Innovative Idea Video Challenge (5 Minutes Video Challenge) and Infographic Poster Challengesessions. Topics of interest are Science, Engineering and Technology, Education & Social Sciences and Life Sciences. Further details of the event can be found in our website .
  1. We are diligently working in bringing the most knowledgeable researchers, innovators and practitioners from all over the world, as well as leaders from industry to explore these important topics. The event consists of full two days presentation sessions and competitions on cutting edge issues and achievements in academia and industry. We promise good opportunities for networking, collaborations, and promotion where all parties will be equally benefited.
  1. It is our honour to call interested universities, college, companies, agencies, industry, GLC or any organisation for collaboration as a PARTNER for CO-ORGANIZER. This would be a wonderful opportunity for your organisation to promote visibility in front of audience who could benefit from your participation and support for this event.
  1. Attached are designed options to assist you in finding the right level of your preferred contribution. Please review and let us know if you have any inquiry or interest for partner for co-organizer collaboration. Kindly fax or email your interest in any suggested contribution.
  1. Should you have further inquiries, kindly contact secretariat of the event via e mails, or via phones +6011 – 61139284.

Partnership as Co-Organizer

By partnership AIINEX 2020 your company gains additional visibility and access to campus leaders and faculty members from among 42 worldwide University, Industry, Education Institutes, Colleges, Polytechnics. All sponsorships are noted in the Conference Program, Proceeding, Social Media, Website and more.

Benefits of your sponsorships to the nation:

  • Strengthen collaboration of Education sector and Industry;
  • Improvement of Business Networking;
  • Development of Research and Innovation;
  • Motivation of Innovators and Researchers;
  • Enhancement of research culture among the young generation;
  • Contribution to the society, especially to education and innovation;
  • Find and support the young talents;
  • Open new opportunities for collaboration and partnership;
  • Promotion of innovations and create business opportunities;
  • Capture the market through joint ventures & partnership;
  • Create market opportunities through showcase of cutting edge R&D and technology;
  • Exchange ideas and market intelligence;
  • Generating business leads and strengthening your company’s position among competitors;
  • Promotion of your company and products;
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