ASIA International Innovation Exhibition (AIINEx) 2020


The proposed theme of the Innovation Competition is “Towards Innovation and Diversity in Industrial Revolution 4.0” where innovative works will be presented. Furthermore, discussion on a specific topic will help to exchange views, to get new ideas, to improve knowledge, as well as to confirm on the correctness of obtained results.

Connecting ASIA wish to make this program as an International innovation event, where representatives of Public and Private Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics and Industry from all over the world are most welcomed to participate. Participation of researchers, students, academicians, people from the industry, entrepreneurs, technopreneurs, innovators are most welcomed.

The event is proposed to hold as a three-days event which concerns to bring all researchers under one umbrella to report their research, to share research ideas, and encourage invention and innovation culture.



  1. To enhance research and innovation culture.
  2. To motivate innovation projects for commercialization.
  3. To strengthen collaboration with other institutes, universities & organizations.
  4. To encourage students to do research and innovation projects.
  5. To provide a platform for talented student to show their masterpiece in technologies.
  6. To provide chances of communication between students from different places and exchange their knowledge’s in technologies.
  7. To provide a platform to connect students and industries in order to create a way for the industries to discover talents.

Types of Participant

  1. Professional, Public Service & Postgraduate Students (Lecturers/Teachers/ Researchers, Industry/Public Sector)
  2. Tertiary Level/ Higher Institution Student (Universities/ Polytechnics/ Colleges/ Matriculations)

Types of presentations:

  1. Online Projects Presentations (via Video Conference)
  2. Innovative Idea Video Challenge (5 Minutes Video Challenge)
  3. Infographic Poster Challenge


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