Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi

Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi

Founding Director Connecting Asia / Scholars Asia

Welcome message by Founding Director

It is my pleasure to extend an invitation to all of the world’s great scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates, and students. It is both an honour and a pleasure for me to provide a platform to a multidisciplinary group of scientists and researchers from around the world where they can share and discuss ground-breaking ideas in the fields of science, technology, engineering, education, and management sciences.

Today the technology is rapidly evolving. The exchange of expertise has further stimulated exponential growth in the field of technology at this era of globalisation. Such phenomenal progress has revolutionised almost all areas of human life today. Therefore Connecting ASIA give researchers, academics, industry experts from various disciplines an excellent opportunity to showcase their work and share their expertise, technical knowledge, challenges and solutions.

Connecting ASIA is a global research network that brings together over 10,000 researchers from 42 countries. We aim to provide researchers with opportunities for learning and networking, while also contributing to the researcher community in a variety of ways. Since 2014, Connecting ASIA has provided full or partial funding to 42 PhD scholars, as well as research grants to over 200 research scholars to present their work at Connecting ASIA conferences and opportunities to publish their work in SCOPUS / ISI indexed journals. More than 7000 researchers have presented their work at Connecting ASIA conferences, and more than 5000 research articles have been published in SCOPUS/ISI indexed journals. With all of these contributions, Connecting ASIA anticipates continued growth in the future. We appreciate your support and contribution to this research network’s strengthening. We hope that as time passes, this bond will grow stronger.

Connecting ASIA has remained committed to organising international conferences, symposiums, seminars, lectures as well as other high-level académic events to serve as a comprehensive platform of unification and support for members of this international community. Connecting ASIA also facilitates talent recognition by its numerous efforts in identifying those who carry out advanced research studies, providing them with a platform for making the findings and results of these studies known around the world, and also for publishing these research results in world-famous high-impact journals. Connecting ASIA provides emerging, young research experts, researchers, students and academic institutions with the platform for regularly organising events and conferences with the academic elite of their fields. This not only gives those talented young people the opportunity to interact with those who inspire them but also gives them an idea how the top echelons go about their everyday lives in their discipline. By following their example, research leaders of the next generation can serve as worthy torchbearers in their respective fields for innovation, progress and development.

I am confident that ASIA International Conference which is organised and hosted by Connecting ASIA, gives researchers and experts a unique opportunity to gather for sharing technical knowledge in wide areas.  The recent dramatic trends in technological developments calls for unlimited opportunities for further research and social benefit. The scientific advancements must yield benefits for the peaceful coexistence, progress, prosperity and welfare of people everywhere.

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